Week 1: Getting Started | #1

My summer experience is going to an archaeological dig in Greece at the site of Olynthus, which I have been working at for three years now.  I assist in excavating in an assistant supervisory role. This site is important for the study of Classical Greece because it is one of the few sites with lots of domestic space explored, as opposed to just temples and public buildings. This allows us to study Greek domestic life in a way that is not possible at other Greek sites, which is very interesting to me. This dig is a great opportunity for me because it gives me field experience in classical archaeology, which is important for me as I look to apply to grad school, and as a bonus it focuses on a facet of Greek life which is particularly interesting to me, namely everyday life.

I am also writing my Honor’s thesis on pottery from this site this year, so being here is giving me the opportunity to look at our finds firsthand and consult with our team of pottery experts as I begin my analysis. The U of M director of the dig is my thesis advisor, so being here also means I am in close contact with her, which is helping me resolve any snags in setting up my research quickly.

This dig is also a beneficial environment for me because I am surrounded by people who have attended/are currently attending grad school, and have experience applying to the types of programs I am interested in. I am able to get information and tips on where to apply and what each program has to offer firsthand rather than just trying to Google everything, which is incredibly helpful because the program I am interested in doing is a less common pursuit and thus a bit difficult to find information about.

Overall, I was drawn to this experience because it is the most beneficial place for me to be with regards to my educational growth, my thesis work, and my grad school applications.


Featured photo: It is a bit tricky for me to post photos of what I am doing directly as I am not allowed to post any photos of the active site or our finds, so this week my featured image is a photo of my trench team from the first week.


2 thoughts on “Week 1: Getting Started | #1

  • July 12, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Hi Hebe! My name is Hannah Lozon and I work at the Opportunity Hub. I will be following your blog posts this summer and I look forward to hearing more about the dig at Olynthus and your experience in Nea Olinthos. It’s so fantastic to read about your 3rd year on this project – you’ve been so intentional with this summer experience, I feel like you’re wringing everything out of it you possibly could. What is the exact graduate program/field you’ll be applying to?

    I also appreciated your other post about interactions with Makis and Maria, and am glad you’ve been able to make some personal connections. Have you been able to pick up any Greek at all, as they have learned English?

    When you return to campus and are working on those graduate school applications, I hope you’ll come see us at the Hub (if you haven’t already). Our Hub coaches can help with personal statements as you work to tell the story of your summer research, and how it translates into your career future.

  • July 13, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Hi Hannah! I hope to pursue an MA in Classical Archaeology. I have only picked up a few very basic Greek words, alas.


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