Week 2

Something I’ve learned from this internship was the idea of thinking for the bigger picture and not just to solve the current problem. Previously, I thought about fixing the current problem in order to keep moving, I was taught the value of being patient and continuing to remember the bigger goal in mind. This interesting when connecting technology to the business side of the world. Most of the times, when you’re trying to code something, you’re trying to solve a problem. But usually there is a bigger business aspect that has nothing to do with the problem that you’re currently having. I have met lots of interesting locals. As I’ve said before, Portland reminds me a lot of Ann Arbor. People are very nice and eager to try new things. There are lots of places I am planning to visit but have yet to do so. My first mess up in the internship was making sure I understood the problem at hand. I thought I had understood the problem they had given me, but I didn’t. Asking questions and communicating with my manager fixed that. My project has many parts to it, things that really won’t matter in the end that I must do, and things that are so small but so crucial to the bigger picture.


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