Week 3

My team has had some very cool experiences. I’ve been able to learn about all different kinds of things about the tech world that I don’t know about. The idea that Nike interacts with all of the top technology companies was not something I suspected. I was able to see different technology companies pitch their product to Nike, and make sure they are able to incorporate Nike business needs with there product. We are a very new team at Nike, so I get the feel of a startup but also I am a part of a bigger established business. I get the opportunity to meet with all different kinds of the business people. I get to see the distribution and collection of today’s most valuable thing, data. I’ve also learned more about how companies are run and things like sprints, and different team trainings. It’s interesting how there are people who watch over the team, but aren’t a part of the team completely. Overall, I can see myself growing as an employee and have had the best experience ever. Nike gives their employees so many opportunities to do different things and to grow as an employee. I feel really lucky to have interned for a great company.

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  • July 25, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Thank you so much for your posts, Zena! My name is Zane Harding and I’m an Internship Program Intern at the Hub. I will be following your blog posts throughout the summer.

    I am very glad to hear you have gotten used to being and getting around a new city (especially one as cool as Portland), as well as adjusting to things like paying bills. Moving to a new city can be a huge adjustment at first, so I’m glad it went smoothly.

    All in all, your experience with Nike sounds very positive. It’s great to hear that you communicated with your manager when you were not exactly sure how to tackle a problem and sort it all out. That approach to problem-solving is going to help you no matter where you go in the future, so it’s great to hear that you already have it down.

    I’d be curious to know more about the skills you have gained from working around data and technology with Nike. You’ve mentioned how important/valuable data and technology are to you, so I’m curious what more specifically you have gained from the experience. I am very glad you have had such a great time so far, and hope it continues to go well as you move forward in the internship!



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