Week 5: A Case of Homesickness

It is crazy to think that I am now closer to the end of my internship than I am to the beginning of it, because it seems that my time during this internship, and all my previous adventures in Europe before that just flew by. All of the work I’ve put in, and all of the fun I had, are starting to fade into memories and it feels like I will be home before I know it. Due to that I feel like it is probably now the best time for me to catch a case of homesickness, which I feel like I definitely have.

Although it is not major, and I am not dreading the rest of my time here by any means, I do feel like I am pretty ready to go home and just have a couple of days to myself where I am not really doing anything and am just hanging out with my family. Between working everyday, or having adventures on the weekend, I feel like my life has definitely been consistently active and without a break for a while now, and I am looking forward to just coming back home and crashing on my comfy couch to watch a couple movies without worries of planning to do anything else. That also being said, I am also definitely am looking to live it up these last two weeks that I get in Europe before I leave, and definitely will take advantage of whatever interesting opportunities that come my way.

One thought on “Week 5: A Case of Homesickness

  • July 19, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    No wonder you’re ready for a break at home, Vlad! It sounds like you have been sooo busy and just moving moving moving. I can imagine that you’re really trying to make the most of your internship by going on adventures on the weekend, but don’t be afraid to decide to take a weekend or even a few evenings after work to just relax and watch some of those movies. It’s really important to let yourself recharge a bit and to take care of yourself!


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