What Happens When Both Of Your Supervisors Leave Within A Week? | #4

Both of my supervisors have now left my organization. The two people who knew me best at my organization have left. They were the two members of the economic development team at the company, the department that I do half of my work for. One of those departures was well understood in advance, we knew she was going to grad school this fall, we knew she would be leaving. But then a few days before she left, our boss announced her sudden departure to a new job across the city. It was literally a two weeks’ notice. It was sudden, and we’re all happy for her for the move she’s making, but it has come at a rough moment. Both positions are now vacant and applicants are submitting to interviews.

Losing both of your supervisors is an interesting experience. I feel as if I am now a floating entity within the organization. Whereas before there were strong lines tying me to my supervisors and then through to our executive director via them, now all I have is the faint lines between me and our communications director (my other boss of sorts), and our executive director. I feel as if I’ve been cut off from the experience that has been mine up until now. Now my work is still mostly the same as it has been, but now operated independently of any sort of supervision, on my own initiative. I have a few projects with the executive director and communications director, but the work therein doesn’t feel like a replacement to the work that I am no longer able to do on economic development, rather, it feels like a small supplement intended to fix the lack. Intended to fix the lack but alas. This loss of supervisors has accompanied an upping in my hours for the final stretch of the internship, and so now I feel as if I have less work and so much more time with which to do it.

But I think the most confounding part of it all is that I no longer feel like I can appropriately go to work at our second space (a coworking space we operate), as there is currently no one from our organization working there, or even operating it in the strictest sense. It was the office I preferred, where I spent more time, where I could walk more easily to a coffee shop, where I got to see more of the community, where the mood was more my speed. I still have a key to it, but I can’t go to work there. I’ve literally been cut off from that first phase of my internship. How strange it all is.

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  • July 12, 2018 at 5:50 pm

    Wow, Adam, this post and the last really speak to the crossroads you are at, AND the intentional reflection you’ve been doing. I’m so sorry to hear both of your supervisors have departed — the loss of that reporting line and connection can be incredibly disruptive. Are you able to assert any independence and work on self-directed projects that you run up through the Executive Director? Sounds like you’re trying to do that, but with 2 people down in the office, I am sure everyone is running beyond capacity. I am thinking about future job interviews you will have, and how you will be able to speak about this time — employers are always looking for employees who can demonstrate an ability to be adaptable. Are there any tasks you can take off of anyone else’s worklist, even if they weren’t aligned with your original job responsibilities, just to try and be a team player, and fill those extra hours?

    Also, thank you for your reflection on your connection (or lack thereof) to the neighborhood you’re living in this summer. This really speaks to our innate human need for social connection. While Midtown doesn’t seem to be a fit, I love hearing that you’re feeling a connection to Grandmont Rosedale. I hope this experience is helpful as you think about what is important to you in a community. After graduation and you’re (potentially) moving somewhere new for a job, finding a place to call home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

    • July 16, 2018 at 5:37 pm

      Thanks for your comment, Hannah. It has certainly been an interesting experience. But I have been able to fill my time with extra odd jobs or other things that have needed to be finished. I’ve definitely been moving outside of my original job description to make sure that I don’t just sit here all day everyday, but it’s been harder than I would’ve hoped to keep busy. I’m keeping on it. Thanks again, though.


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