AB Blog #4: Leadership

What are you learning about leadership from your internship experience?

Leadership can sometimes be intimidating. The thought of stepping up and taking on more responsibilities, tasks, organizational & communications duties than others can sometimes seem daunting. In my internship, I am learning that it is never too early to be a leader. Everyone at PwC strives to do their very best, and when possible, I notice that people are constantly collaborating with others to deliver the best results. This means that in a way everyone must be a leader and bring their best attributes to the team. Even as an intern I am finding myself stepping up and going out of my way to work with others. Sure, presenting a project that you have completed on your own may be impressive, but when you work with others it’s likely that the project develops a lot further and yields even more impressive results. So, my internship has taught me that whether you have been at a company for 4 weeks or 4 years, it is never to early to step up and lead a team.

One thought on “AB Blog #4: Leadership

  • July 26, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    Hi Abby! I truly look forward to your posts because you offer such great insights and reflection upon your experience.

    And you are right – leadership can be an intimidating thing, for sure! However, it is really cool to hear that you are working with an organization who appears to truly empower their people to do and be their very best. You should be really proud of yourself for stepping up and embracing the opportunity to professionally and personally develop.


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