Blog 2 – Yale Conferences and Events

My career path has always been pre-med for as long as I can remember. There was some time last year where I was also very interested in public policy. I applied for this job not just because I wanted to work for Yale but because I wanted to get to be able to manage people and get better at conflict resolution. I figured that whatever my future entailed, I could always improve my own skills in dealing with all different kinds of people.

Managing many kinds of people is something that I do every day. I work with kids from all over the world as well as the top and bottom of the professional food chain. It’s really entertaining to see how there communication between the directors and the janitorial staff is conducted, for example. It has made me realize how easy it is for those that are high up to make unrealistic demands.

We have already run into some problems as a staff. There are surface issues such as rodents and not enough pillows. Then there are bigger issues such as staff changing positions and people missing event coverage. I think that this is realistic for a summer job full of college kids. I expected there to be some speed bumps in what I have seen and in lack of communication. Overall, I have learned about expectations and follow through and what needs to happen to be successful in a stressful situation with many components.

I feel that this summer has already given me enough real world experience to be better at whatever I choose as a future career. At this point, I feel pretty solid with my decision to work to become a doctor. But I don’t know where that will take me and it could mean anywhere in the world. So when someone who doesn’t speak English comes up confused, I can do my best to explain where to go when something is happening.


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