Blog 3 – Pierson and Davenport

There are 13 different colleges that make up Yale University. My team of 30 people is divided among these different colleges and they are assigned as our region. My region is the Pierson/Davenport region which are two of the older, more original colleges that house the Yale Young Global Scholars for the summer. This is the primary focus for my region and it involves tending to their housing and classroom needs throughout their three sessions, all two weeks long.

All of these kids are in high school and went through a rigorous process to get into this program which secures them something that is highly admirable on a college application. That being said, the directors of this program want exactness and have a clear idea of what they want, some of which is unrealistic.

It’s been really inspiring to meet these people from all over the world. I grew up in a predominantly white area where most people looked the same and had similar views on life. When I came to the University of Michigan, I met a whole new set of people. They had all came from different places and they were a lot different from what I had seen. I really appreciated it. It was the same experience when I came to Yale. It was great to be in a new part of the country and see the unique cultures that resonate here.

I don’t really miss Michigan right now because it hasn’t been that long and my mom and grandma have come to visit me. I have made some really good friends here and I feel really comfortable in my area. I have figured out my job and I know that I can ask questions. And that’s kind of what I’m looking for right now.


Pierson College Courtyard


Davenport College

One thought on “Blog 3 – Pierson and Davenport

  • July 16, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    Hi Delaney,

    It’s so exciting to hear that you are being exposed to different cultures and ways of life from working at Yale over the summer! A summer internship is the perfect time to push yourself outside your comfort zone to see what types of opportunities can open up for you in the future. What kind of strategies or skills have you picked up so far when it comes to conflict resolution and working with different types of people? It sounds like you are assisting with the coordination of events in a lot of different ways, I’m interested to hear how you are prioritizing the needs of your guests. That ability to juggle multiple different projects at once is incredibly important and something you’ll likely use even more in the future.

    You mentioned that the wishes of the program directors are sometimes unrealistic. In what way? Is there anyway that you’ve been able to bridge the gap between your abilities and what the directors would like to see?

    Best wishes!

    – Danielle


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