Croatia Goes to the Finals!

Last night I experienced something incredible. My friends and I wanted to watch the Croatia v. England game at a pub so we could be with the locals. It took us almost an hour to find somewhere to sit! The roads were packed, bars were full, and all you could see was red and white checkered shirts. Luckily, we found a table and we were there for the long run. For me, it was interesting to watch both the game and how the locals reacted to every little thing that happened. The air was filled with energy because people were shouting and cheering every five seconds. However, since we do not speak Croatian, we were mostly guessing at everything that was happening. After going into two overtimes we finally scored the goal we needed to win the game. I cannot begin to describe how crazy the city became immediately after the game ended. There were fireworks going off, smoke machines everywhere, and a concert going on in the main square. People were jumping on light poles, swimming in fountains, and singing along with the music. I never thought I experience something like this, but I am glad Croatia is able to go to the finals while I am here. Luckily, I will be in Zagreb Sunday for the final game! I can only hope that Croatia can also beat France.

Now to internship stuff… my research project has definitely helped me with my leadership and self motivation skills. Currently, I am researching court cases that deal with war crime denial. As you can guess, that involves A LOT of reading. I do not have a timeline so I have to hold myself accountable to get as much done as possible everyday. However, this can be challenging because I become less motivated as the day goes on. Since my mentor trusts me to do my work in a timely manner, I hold myself accountable for my work because there really aren’t any guidelines. This has been an interesting project for me to work on because I know it will make a difference in the future.

It’s crazy for me to think that I am leaving Croatia in just 16 days. It feels like I have just arrived to my internship! However, I know these next few weeks will fly by and my internship will sadly be over.

One thought on “Croatia Goes to the Finals!

  • July 12, 2018 at 9:19 pm


    I cannot express to you how jealous I am that you’re living in abroad during World Cup season, AND that the country you’re living in is going to the final for the first time! I’m sure the energy was absolutely electric (The US’ general apathy towards soccer is truly a missed opportunity in my mind).

    I can really empathize with your motivation waning as the day goes on – I am the same way. Have you figured out a good workflow or process to ensure that you are making progress on your tasks? Self-imposed deadlines are great, but I find that when I share those deadlines I’ve set for myself, it’s much easier for me to stay motivated, as there is now an expectation that I need to get something done and there is another person holding me accountable. I’m interested to hear about how you navigate this freedom!



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