First Day in PR

On my first day arriving at Finn Partners (Public Relations firm), I didn’t really know as to what type of work I would be doing that day or the rest of the week or the summer at length.  When I got off the elevator on the fifteenth floor in a beautiful building located in the Financial District of San Francisco, I was happily greeted by our office manager. She walked me around the office, and I was slightly confused because it seemed as though most of the office was out. But finally she showed me where my desk was, a most wonderful desk in my opinion. At first, I was a little surprised by it, it seemed as if the thought of me having a desk hadn’t occurred to me. There, a bouquet of brightly colored flowers sat on my desk. I was so thankful, and I was even more thankful when those sitting near me finally got out of their meeting. Everyone was so kind to me and welcoming. Even the first day was mostly paperwork, the rest of the week my co-workers and managers took time to explain the work to me. This has been my first true office experience, and I am gracious that everyone is so open to helping me out. I know it will be a great learning experience!

In conclusion, that first day, I valued me being excited not worried for the unknown & I am happy that it all went well. 

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