Michigan House of Reps Internship-New Experiences

All went well suddenly after starting the project with the representative. We attended high school graduations that allowed me to network with the graduates, administrators at the various schools, community members, and parents of the graduates. It was a great experience listening to the students’ successes and accomplishments while at their graduations. In all honesty, it made me reflect the great experiences that I had while in high school myself-bringing back many great memories.

One thing that I discovered from the interactions that I had at the various graduation ceremonies, is that people always need encouragement, hope, and praise for the all of the hard work they put in life. As the representative and I would simply shake hands and hug the parents and the graduates, they simply felt like they truly matter and are not invisible by the world of politics. A lot of people would sometimes say that “politicians only care about themselves or making money”, but that is definitely an understatement. In reality, I have learned from my representative that she does not even like people to refer her as a politician, but instead prefers to be called a public servant or even a community advocate that wants everyone to succeed. That is something that I definitely will hold onto in my future, as not a lot of elected officials are like the representative that I had, which is one who actually does care and will do whatever it takes to really look out for all her constituents.

I am excited about what else is in store that I learn and discover from this internship. Every week and every day in my internship brings something new. I look forward to see what is next.

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