Peak- #3

July 12, 2018

The time has come where we have reached the busiest time of the internship in my opinion. We have planned and outlined our events for the Fall semester but now it is time to actually start building them up to life. A couple of events that I am very excited for are ALMA (Assisting Latinx Students to Maximize Achievement) and a book reading event with Ruth Behar. We have done call-outs to incoming Latinx freshman as well as met with faculty and students for the development of workshops and volunteers. Ruth Behar is a published author and a cultural anthropologist. She is faculty at the University of Michigan and associated with the Latino Studies Department. I am excited for the event because we will be possibly be able to gift a copy of her book “Lucky Broken Girl” to middle school students who will be in attendance to the event. This is special because this book is about her life in New York as a young Cuban-Jewish immigrant. As many faculty are out on vacation for the summer, it makes the task of coordinating a little harder but not impossible. I also plan to start my research for my creative project. I want to do a social media campaign through La Casa in regards to women’s empowerment. I’ll share more about it as it builds. Off to my next meeting!

La Casa Pride!

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