Sports Camp! Week #6

Today marks the end of my fourth day running the CP SPY camp with the kids. Let me just start off by saying, I’m exhausted. By the end of each day, I find myself coming home and going straight to sleep. The kids (ages 5 to 12) all have extremely different and interesting personalities and that what makes them a unique group. I have a lot of patience so I don’t find it difficult to work with them but trying to maintain the same energy level as them is the challenge. On my second day, a five year old poured water on me (yes on purpose) so I made him take a “luxurious” time out, but he’s been really nice to me since then. I also had a debate today with another five year old that only consisted of the words “no it’s not” and “yes it is” for reasons I don’t even remember. Needless to say, I won the argument. One of my favorite children so far is named Chevy. He’s so small and sweet and six years old. He offered me some of his dinosaur and shark fruit snacks that he brought from home and today I played soccer with him.  I have my ups and downs with the older kids (10-12) because they like to attack and insult each other and I have to tell them to “watch their mouth” and hold their hands like they are five years old, but they’re a funny group. Everyday I have a different child asking “Ms. Rai are you going to come with our group to play” and I promise them I will but I really just want to sit in the shade and relax. Overall I enjoy being with them. ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS TO GO!

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