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I never thought I’d end up at a job sitting in front of a computer and actually like it. It’s not that I like being anti-social and only staring at a screen but I do like the atmosphere of a start-up. The work culture is great – everyone is nice and they know how to have fun. The work to life balance is really important here. It makes me think that I could have actually gone into computer science and actually like it. I gave that up because I did not want to sit in front of a computer but now here I am.

I mostly work on excel. There are various applications the office uses to keep itself organized and to easily distribute work. We use Trello which helps us to create tasks and assign them to the proper people. I do not make the cards, I get assigned them. We also use HipChat to communicate with each other. We use Zoom to be able to video chat with other employees. Theres about 41 people that work for the company but I think about 15 of those people work full time remotely. It’s very interesting how it is so easy for people to now work remotely. I feel like 5 or 10 years ago this was not a common thing. You used to have to be in the office to attend meetings and interact with other employees etc. Now with the ease of video chats and that ability to chat online so easily, working from anywhere in the world is totally possible. There is one woman that works from Switzerland! And another woman that works in Texas. Our developers are in Seattle. It’s crazy! But also good to know that if I ever do work here that I will be able to have a lot of flexibility with where I work.

I am really starting to get comfortable with all of the employees which is great and makes me happy to be at the office! I am so happy with how the summer is turning out so far.


Biology and Environment major at the University of Michigan. Boston --> Ann Arbor --> Piran, Slovenia. I <3 sailing, backpacking, theater, and baking.

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  • July 15, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Your first sentence made smile! Very candid. Internships are such a great opportunity to find out more about our work styles, and aspects we enjoy, even when they are unexpected (like working at a computer day to day). Hopefully with your realization, you can still pursue computer science skills through professional development, if these are areas you’d like to grow.

    The work atmosphere sounds energetic and friendly! You noted the value of work/life balance and element of fun at work. Any photos you’d like to enter in the Hub Photo Contest that are a “window into work”? (http://myumi.ch/LoDON) I’m curious if you feel like you’d be interested in future full time work at a start-up (WegoWise, or elsewhere), based on what you’d learned so far? Does the flexibility of working remotely fall high on your list of work priorities?

    The operations programs you’re using will be so helpful for future projects in work, and even in school! I’m familiar with Trello, but will have to look into HipChat and Zoom!

    Could you share more about your role? What does your internship encompass? I look forward to hearing about the relationships you build and more about your work at WegoWise!



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