Month 3

Time continues to fly by as I intern here at MyVoice. Being a research assistant under Dr. Tammy Chang and Dr. Melissa Dejonckheere has been a tremendous experience, that has provided me the auspice to take the lessons I’ve received in the classroom and see how they apply in the real world of healthcare policy. Along with this, my work setting has introduced me to a variety of useful jargons and terms.

When I am not working on research, I am most likely catching up on local and national healthcare news, or organizing the weekly report presentation for the team. I have worked on research regarding teens’ access to birth control and other contraceptives, LGBTQ rights, and other time-relevant topics. Looking up information on these varying topics has exposed me to an array of viewpoints that spread across the spectrum of political ideologies. This is something I appreciate most of all, as these diverse viewpoints evidently shape the outcomes of policy in the United States.

It is truly a pleasure to be an intern with MyVoice. The culture of the project team is welcoming and amiable which will make it that much harder to say goodbye again to everyone at the end of this summer when classes resume. However, I know that my experience here has set me up for success as I look to my graduation in May 2019 and applying for jobs out in the real world. There are not enough words to describe how thankful I am for everything MyVoice has taught me.

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  • July 17, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    Hi Andre – It was wonderful to read about a different facet of your work in this post. It sounds as though you have made the most of a supportive work environment, learning not only from the variety of tasks you do week-to-week but also from the tone set by your research leads and the engagement displayed by your colleagues. Hopefully this full picture of your experience working with MyVoice gives you important knowledge to draw from as you consider future opportunities, whether it’s about building weekly reports for the team or knowing that you value a welcoming team environment. Have a good week!


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