#5 Becoming an “old” intern

One of the most exciting things about this internship is that you get to know new people every month. Yes, as we enter into our second month at the Guggenheim, we welcomed a group of new interns. There were 13 of them, extremely international (our group is mostly American), and you can hear a bunch of different languages being spoken in the same room. You would not get this amazing mix of cultures anywhere else! One of our old interns started a “buddies” program, so basically each of us gets assigned to a new intern, and we would answer their questions with regards to the internship, housing, restaurants etc., or just hang out with them, making them feel like part of this large family.

Every morning, we would train the new interns on the morning positions, including sculptures and benches, windows and “PJs”, audio guides, tickets, etc. Being an old intern does bring a different feeling as I have been assigned with more leadership responsibilities . It is not in the sense of “in command”, but rather someone who, in the eyes of the new interns, knows everything about the daily operation of the museum.

Moreover, at our second month, we are able to each get a “Ask me about the Art” badge on our name tag, with the number of languages we speak as we are now very familiar with each work in the collection. I chose a pink one and added English, French and Chinese to my badge. When I am in the galleries, visitors would thus come to me and ask about the work that they are interested in knowing more about. This experience of actively exchanging knowledge and opinions on works of art has made this internship more culturally and artistically dynamic, as I always get to interact with visitors from different countries everyday.

One thought on “#5 Becoming an “old” intern

  • July 16, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    Hi Julia,

    It’s so exciting to hear that you’re now considered an “old” intern and you’re able to help train other interns! What an awesome idea to have a buddy system where you are paired with another intern, that should be a great way for you to pick up some training skills. What have you found the most challenging now that you are in more of a leadership position and you help guide other interns? It could be helpful to ask more seasoned interns for advice on how to best train others.

    Congratulations on being able to wear the “Ask Me About the Art” badge! That must make you feel even more like a member of the museum’s family! Do you feel your internship experience is made better because you are able to connect more with the museum’s guests?

    Best wishes!

    – Danielle


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