Blog Post #3: Meeting the Locals

LA is a place where you have no idea where you’re going to be or who you’re going to meet the next day. Last week during the Fourth of July, I had no plans really, just had the week off work and was going to relax through the heat wave rolling in. My roommates and I went to Echo Park Lake in the morning to hang out by the water and eat apples with peanut butter when a very cute dog ran up and started eating our peanut butter. We didn’t mind at all, the dog was really cute and we had the owner stick around so we could keep petting her. Halfway through the conversation, the owner Jeremiah revealed he was a writer for NCIS. We talked about the industry and exchanged contacts! Now he invites us to his gatherings and gives us updates on his dog, which we never expected.

On the Fourth, we were going to hang by the beach until a friend of a friend invited us to a barbecue hosted by Buzzfeed, which we couldn’t turn down. There, I met ten or so people interested in the very same stuff I was: movie trailers, commercials, data analytics. I never actually meet people with these interests, so I was really excited when I met Bernie. Bernie gave me his email and asked me to get coffee so we could talk about the trailer company we works for and all the steps that go into making a trailer. I had no information on this prior to last week, so I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon these people by chance.

Big lesson? Always say yes, because you just don’t know when a big opportunity or contact can fall into your lap. Get out there!


Veronica Slaven

Junior studying Screen Arts & Cultures interning at Gorilla Flicks in Burbank, CA.

One thought on “Blog Post #3: Meeting the Locals

  • July 30, 2018 at 9:05 am


    It sounds like you may have just experienced the power of networking firsthand!

    I think a lot of times, we see networking as some formal thing that happens in stuffy spaces with people dressed in suits and a lot of anxiety, stress, and awkwardness for everyone involved. In reality, networking is all about building connections and meaningful relationships with people who can help us reach our goals and for whom we can do the same. More often than not, these connections happen completely by chance (even better when aided by adorable animals).

    I’m really impressed by your willingness to say yes and to take some chances – you’re certainly living in a really fast-paced and exciting city, so taking advantage of the opportunities that arise is a really important action to take!

    Have you thought about how you’ll continue to nurture these wonderful connections once your internship experience ends? Going beyond the occasional “like” on social media is something to consider, particularly if you see opportunities to work with these folks in the future!



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