Camp has started | Blog Post #3

We’re in the first week and of the camp and I’m really enjoying myself. The two days were kind of rough. Not because of the campers, but because some of the logistics of the camp weren’t all the way worked out. For example, we did not have time to buy water bottles for each kid, so we had to use disposable plastic water bottles. We found out quickly that most of them only drink half the water. By day 3, they all had their own water bottles.

Interacting/talking with the kids is my favorite thing. These interactions have made me realize that they look up to me as someone to follow. They range from age 5 to 13 and are split into groups based off of their age. I love the little kids, but the 8+ group is my favorite to be around so far. They’re pretty entertaining. However, sometimes they say things without thinking. One of the groups has about 7 boys ages 10-12 and I have to constantly tell them that calling someone gay as an insult is not something they should be doing. Little things like this really show me that what I’m doing is really making a difference.

With week 1 ending, I’m excited to see what the next couple weeks bring. Hopefully, some of these kids pick up a new sport and become a real star at it.

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