Changing Perspectives | #5

Through this internship experience, I have become more confident in myself. This internship required me to take initiative to find work to do, be confident in asking questions, and take on situations that put me outside of my comfort zone. As I mentioned in my last blog post, teaching a class for young kids was very nerve-wracking to me initially, but I became much more confident in my ability to connect with kids and be an engaging teacher as I got more practice.

However, this also led me to realize something I need to continue to grow towards. I realized that I do not handle situations as well when I know someone is watching me. For instance, when I had other staff members present at a class I taught, I was much more nervous than I was when I was running a class solo. I need to work on being more ubiquitously confident. Another thing I learned about myself is that I have unusual work habits when it comes to office work. When I would be assigned a job to do (often entering data into spreadsheets), I would sit down and crank it out without stopping. My coworkers were a bit surprised that I could get the work done so fast. For some reason, I find it hard to stop when I get assigned a task like that. I think it’s just because I get stuck in the groove of it and don’t want to disrupt my work flow.

I’ve come to realize the importance of helping communities close to home. I met many wonderful families through this experience, and I see how the programs offered by Brilliant Detroit are providing something wonderful for the community. Being consistently involved in a nonprofit is something that seems more appealing to me after working at one for two months. I can see how fulfilling the work is based on the enthusiasm and dedication of Brilliant’s employees. That enthusiasm and dedication definitely goes a long way, and I am encouraged to continue my involvement in organizations that make an such an impact.

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