Getting Promoted | #3

Coming into this experience, I had a good idea of what to expect because I have been to this dig twice before. The airport, living situation, work environment, and most of the people are familiar to me, so I felt fairly comfortable going in. My activities in the first three weeks have been fairly consistent with what I have done in the past, which mainly involves excavating. I have also been the assistant supervisor for my trench this season, a role which I also filled last year, which adds some paperwork on top of my excavation duties. Overall, up to this point, the experience has been as I expected.

Today, at the end of the day, my advisor pulled me aside and told me that she wanted me to supervise a trench for the last 3 weeks. I wasn’t really expecting her to do this because she had asked me before the season started if I would supervise and I had said no, because I did not think I had enough experience to be ready for the role. However, we have a lot of new people coming for the second half, and we are a bit short on supervisors, so I agreed to do it. We have a long weekend marking the halfway point, and I will now use some of it to prepare to supervise for the rest of the dig. My assistant will be a new person who has lots of experience on digs, but has never been to Olynthus before and no one here has met him, so the dynamic should be interesting.

The first half of the dig has been quite similar to my previous years and as I expected, but now that I have been made a supervisor, the second half will be different. The new experience will be a lot of work, but valuable for my knowledge and career.

Featured image: Nea Olinthos is full of dogs wandering everywhere, and yesterday I captured this image of two puppy siblings walking in tandem on the way to dinner.

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