Intern at The Forum | #1

I began my internship in early June with The National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good, an action research center that utilizes research and other tools to create and spread knowledge that addresses higher education issues of public importance. This office is located at the School of Education in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My first weeks back at the university were very impactful because The Forum office was planning and holding a conference for leaders in higher education. I knew from the start that this opportunity would help me grow as a person and that I’d be able to improve skills that ranged in every aspect.

The New Leadership Academy conference consisted of staff, administration, and faculty members. These professionals were separated into NLA Coaches, NLA Fellows, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Leads. As an administrative and research intern, I helped out with weeks of planning invested in this conference. We designed workshops, panels, TED Talks, keynote speaker lectures, and tours. The planning consisted of coordination, management, decision-making, and logistics. During the conference, I assisted the conference managers with several tasks. This included setting up, gathering the right tools for each workshop, greeting coaches from the airport, assisting professionals with needs, organizing transportation plans, and making spreadsheets. After the conference, we communicated and recorded personal and guest feedback to improve for future conferences. We are now working on upcoming workshops being held by The Forum along with ongoing research projects.

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