Mistakes Were Made #2

One of my key roles as part of my internship is managing the inventory of the team stores. For this role, I occasionally work in the team warehouses to pick out apparel, novelties, or anything of which the store does not have enough. In a few instances, orders were very simple and needed less than 5 items. More often than not, the orders can be quite large and require over an hour to fill. When I first started helping to fill orders, I found that it was significantly more difficult than I originally imagined. There were two warehouses, both filled with boxes of items in shelves and in every corner. For the most part, the boxes in the warehouses were organized into categories of brands, age groups, and type of apparel or novelty, but it was not uncommon for boxes to be in the wrong spot or lost. Already having to learn where each item was categorically placed, I struggled over the first couple days and needed a lot of assistance from the managers. Even then, I still made mistakes and accidentally shipped incorrect orders to team stores.

As I worked more in the warehouse, I found that the responsibilities and orders were not too complicated, and that the warehouses were actually very organized. Since the first couple days, I became more comfortable fulfilling larger orders and made fewer mistakes with every new order. I also stress less when taking orders, reminding myself that mistakes are not that big of a deal and that taking my time is worth a correct order instead of rushing. While I still occasionally make a mistake, I have grown to be dependable in this role, and managers have developed a trust in me as a result.

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