Post 2: Outside Munich

This past week I was sent on a Business trip to nearby Burgenhausen, a small, small town Right on the border of Austria. Our Client brought us on a two Minute drive across the border and back. Throughout the week, my coworker and I examined financial documents, conducted interviews, and worked directly with the Clients to verify all the financial Claims and complete the Audit. The Project involved the production of Silicon Wafers, which tech companies like Intel and Samsung use to create Silicon Chips.  We learned so much About the process, how they grow the Crystals, slice them into sections to create Wafers, how they test for defects and add extra layers on, add certain materials in to adjust resistivity, etc. This has shifted my perspective a Little; I’ve never really questioned the way Things are – for example, my coworker was describing other Audits he’d had, About Research done on dinosaurs, moon rocks, and airplane parts, and how, in the end, everything is connected in some way.

Side note: we also watched the world Cup semifinals at a nearby Chilis, but it wasn’t nearly as big as it would have been in Munich. There were Maybe 15 People there, max. I’ve already booked my bus to Croatia for the final.

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