Presenting My Work | #9

Yesterday, I presented my work from this summer to my bosses/colleagues and a handful of volunteers, and I’m really happy with how it went.

It started out as just a brief powerpoint about the steps I took to organize, analyze, and interpret the dataset I was working on, but it quickly grew into a pretty in depth presentation about my findings. I included all sorts of tables and graphs, and even some fun animations to draw in a laugh or two. I primarily focused on the RStudio, Excel, and QGIS analyses I did in regard to the speed, distance, and time elapsed between the relocations of individual dolphins in a <24 hr period. Upon request, I was  also pretty critical of the data collection itself (limitations, assumptions, etc.).

When I actually presented it, I had a really nice time talking about my findings, as well as just having an open dialogue with my (small) audience about different ways to interpret them and their implications. Afterwards, my bosses said they were impressed and proud, and that absolutely meant the world to me. It really made me feel like coming to the institute for the summer had a positive impact all around.

As an added bonus, they distributed my powerpoint to the directors of the organization and the whole dolphin watching tour team—and better still—offered me the chance continue my work on the dataset and collaborate with them to make a proper, publishable scientific paper out of it! How cool is that???

‘Til next time!

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