Six weeks.  Depending on what you are doing, six weeks can feel very short or it can feel like years.  Time is a weird concept that is very complex for our human minds. I think that most people worry about time in some capacity.  I know I do. Am I spending enough time on what I am passionate about? Am I wasting time sitting here writing this blog post when I could be out exploring? What time is it?…time for dinner??  Before I started my internship in India, six weeks seemed like a very long time. I wondered if I would be occupied most of my stay or if I would have situations where I would feel like the days dragged on and on.  As I reach my halfway point in my internship, I have realized that when traveling, it is so very important to take advantage of this weird, complex concept: time.

Outside of school hours, myself along with the other two interns have free time to either explore, catch up on work or sleep, or honestly do whatever we please.  The first weekend I was here, we went to a mall and after visited one of the intern’s cousins house where they made us typical North Indian street food. Her relatives moved from Mumbai to Bangalore so we were able to hear about the differences between North India and taste a different type of Indian food. (Panipuri pictured to the left).  These moments with natives are so valuable to me because it is during these times that I am able to feel like I am part of an entirely different culture. One main thing I noticed at Madalasa’s cousin’s house was how welcoming and giving Indian families are. Their family almost immediately showed me that I was now part of their family and that they would look out for me during my time in India.

The next weekend, we mostly spent time recuperating from the long week of teaching, but the whole time I felt uneasy.  I knew that there was a countless amount of things left to explore, yet for some reason we just didn’t have a plan together of what we wanted to do.  After talking to the other two interns about my feelings of FOMO, we put a plan together of the following weekends and even planned what we would do after school on the weekdays where we didn’t need to catch up on work. My anxiety about not taking full advantage of my time here slowly dwindled away as I looked at the long list of places we planned to go.  Fast forward to actually going on these planned trips…I soon learned that sometimes the less you plan, the more adventure awaits, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that post 😉

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