Campus Life | #2

The campus climate at Michigan in the summer is very different from the school year. Everyone tends to be extremely laid back and it’s super quiet. I take the bus to the hospital everyday and I’ve never come across a full bus, which might not seem like a big deal but during the school year it happened so much. There’s also just a lot less people on the campus which makes it easier to walk around and get to where you need to go. I prefer research in the summer because you don’t have to worry about running between your classes and the lab, you have longer blacks of time to do your work, and your always out by 5. This, sadly, has fueled my addiction for Frida Batidos happy hour. So every Thursday when I get out of the lab, I head to Frida’s and eat my heart out, lol. I really enjoy campus in the summer but it is definitely different not being here with all my friends. If i could have Michigan’s summer campus climate plus my friends, it would be the perfect setup!

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