Constituent Coffee and Committee Hearings

One of the my favorite parts of the office I work for is the “Constituent Coffee” events we have weekly. When I help with these events, I need to get to the office earlier than normal to help set up. We help sign people in- it’s always nice to see people from my home state there to visit the Senator. Generally, interest groups, groups of students, and people just in town take time to stop by the coffee event, where they can have conversations with the Senator and his staff.

Beyond that, another favorite is the committee hearings I am able to sit in on. A lot of the time I come into the hearing with little to no understanding of the policy areas being discussed, but leave knowing more than anticipating. My favorites hearings thus far have dealt with occupational licensing, federal infrastructure loans, the 340B Drug-pricing program, and a hearing on paid family leave (where Ivanka Trump made an appearance.) Moving forward in my final weeks, I am ecstatic to attend more of these hearings.

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