Finding a Mentor | #3

Having someone to guide you through new stages in your life can help calm the first-day jitters and anxiety of moving to a new place. Lucky for me, this came in the form of a friend I reunited with here in New York. My friend Eva has become a valuable mentor for me during this internship process. Not only has she helped me find a suitable place to live but has also provided valuable insight into the graphic design industry.

Before moving to New York to start my internship, I was anxious to find a place to live that would be affordable, safe, and for the short period of time I’m here. To calm my pre-move anxiety, I reached out to my good friend and recent graduate from the University of Michigan, Eva. Eva was more than just helpful; she provided valuable information about the New York housing market and the best places for summer interns to live. While it may just seem like a temporary living situation, the place you first live in a new city influences your perception and experience in that city. Thanks to Eva, my temporary home has been a positive experience and introduction to New York City.

While she helped with finding a place to stay, that is not the only reason I consider Eva a mentor. I consider her a mentor to my internship experience because she has given me valuable advice, insight, and tips to succeed in the graphic design industry as both an intern and as a full-time employee. For example, she explained me to the process graphic designers go through on a day-to-day basis before a final design is approved. Additionally, she told me how she has been able to stand out from her peers during her internship days, receive a full-time offer, and get promoted in such a difficult industry by taking initiative and voicing her opinions. I’ve been able to apply the lessons she has learned and make the most out of my experience at Tuleste. This includes being a vital asset to the company by taking initiative on new projects. This shows not only the importance of mentors in your career field but of having a friend to guide you through the process. I’m grateful for Eva and for the University of Michigan for connecting me to my mentor and for my internship opportunity.

One thought on “Finding a Mentor | #3

  • July 20, 2018 at 6:27 pm

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for sharing your blog updates and sharing about one of your mentors! I can imagine how incredibly helpful it must be to have someone with such relevant knowledge to your situation be able to be a mentor to you in this experience – that is really amazing! Obviously having the “inside scoop” on city living is tremendously helpful, and I might argue that having someone with the “inside scoop” on the work you want to do is equally as beneficial! I am really proud of you to hear how much you are taking advantage of your internship experience to demonstrate initiative. More importantly, you are taking the opportunity to develop and share your opinions. I would encourage you to take some time to reflect on a few things related to that:
    1) what is it about your current company that creates an environment where you feel supported and empowered to share your opinion? (and how would you look for those things in a future employer?)
    2) what is it about your mentor(s) that make you feel supported and empowered?

    Taking the time to reflect on these types of questions can help you really identify pieces of a culture and environment in which you want to work. It sounds like you’ve found a great home, and perhaps you’ll have an opportunity to return there full-time if you so desire!

    Until next time,


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