New Home| #3

The toughest thing to adapt to when I started this internship, oddly enough, was not the work but the new home life. It was the first time that I was truly responsible for taking care of myself. The first and biggest problem that arose was food. It was the first time I realized how much time, thought and energy has to be spent to acquire three meals everyday.  When I arrived in Ann Arbor for my internship, I had the first couple of days off and I spent considerable amount of time thinking about how I was going to survive. I had to think about where I was going to get my groceries from. Then I had to think about how I get to and from there since I had no car. I had to think about how much time it would take to get there. I had to learn think about how much food I could fit in my share of the fridge ( living with three other people meant that I had only a fourth of the fridge for me to go crazy.) Then there was the chore of acquiring the cooking utensils and hardware to actually cook my food. Then I had to think about how long the food would last before it went bad. Forget about the time and energy it would take to actually acquire the food, I also had to think about how I would stretch my money to make sure it covered the ten weeks I planned to live here. A word to the fledglings who are going to be in my situation: learn how to cook early on.

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  • July 16, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    Hi Onyul – This post brought back memories of the first semester I had to shop and cook for myself (…let’s just say there was a lot of grilled cheese and peanut butter & banana involved), so thanks for sharing! It sounds as though you’ve been able to work through the different variables, from planning how to get to the grocery store, to budgeting and sharing a fridge, pretty well. Have you discovered any recipes or meals that you enjoy preparing? And is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to enjoying when you’re not the one cooking? Will look forward to your next update!


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