Portugal-Week 7

I’m already halfway done with the Portuguese course and am surprised at how fast the summer is going by. I wish that I could’ve taken this Portuguese course before I taught my classes. I’m noticing different teaching techniques from my professors that I could’ve used in my own classes. The Portuguese classes are interesting and I have three different professors with different topics. I’ve learned a lot so far about Portuguese culture and literature. Every afternoon I work in the BabeliUM office and help with whatever they need me to do. The secretaries in the office are really nice and it is a nice work environment. They always speak to me in Portuguese which gives me another opportunity to practice. For the past two weeks, I’ve been doing data entry into the BabeliUM database. There are some field trips that I am able to go on with the Portuguese class in the afternoons which have been a nice break from the office as well. I’m looking forward to the following weeks.

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