Summer Fest | #3

Everyone has been telling me about how I have to go to summer fest and check out the food trucks and different activities they have going on. So I decided to go one day just cause I wasn’t doing much else. They had a little concert going on, I forgot the name, but I decided to sit down and check it out. The people behind me realized I came alone and they started talking to me and I told them about the research I was doing on campus and then I transitioned into asking about their lives. I should’ve assumed that they would be doing something super cool cause everyone on this campus is so so smart and ambitious! One of the people I talked to was currently in medical school and the other was getting a PhD. They started to tell me about some of the research they had been involved in in the past and it was so cool to hear about because there are just so many different fields and ideas that are still out here to be explored.

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