De Line Pictures | Hollywood Internship Week 3

The dog days of summer have arrived, bringing the heat with it (114 degrees this last Friday) and a bit more variety at work. Instead of simply reading scripts and writing coverage (which has now expanded to novels and theatrical plays as well), my supervisor has been assigning us different tasks involving research of potential writers. With Donald De Line as the producer of this small production company, one of his main responsibilities is hiring writers to work on projects he finds interesting. This is particularly relevant if a script is chosen to be produced, but the original writer attached isn’t. For the past couple of days, I’ve been updating a master spreadsheet of 600 writers in the industry, adding their agents and list of noteworthy credits. It’s been very useful to become familiar with some of the new faces and their works, as well as some oldies but goodies like Mel Brooks and James Cameron, considering I’d like to eventually slide my way into writing feature-length films too.

In the meantime, I’ve been reaching out to old friends from Michigan State and Oakland University who are in the area, and we’ve been exploring Los Angeles together. The other day, Ben Schwartz (who plays Jean Ralphio in the show Parks and Recreation) popped into the intern office, asking about using the printer. We had a conversation about The Producers and I was starstruck. First celebrity sighting down.

Not too long after, a visiting friend tagged along on my day off. I was planning on showing her around the Warner Brothers lot, and decided to bring a dozen donuts to my workplace since it was a Friday. I’ve only talked to Donald, the producer, once before, but he was quite thrilled to see the tasty treat, so his temporary assistant for the day booked my friend and I complimentary tickets to the official studio tour. Sometimes, the grind can feel overwhelming and tedious, but it’s moments of kindness like this where I believe it all truly comes to fruition in the end. The lesson is simple: if you put the work in, you get results out. And even more important is a variation of the Golden Rule: if you treat others with graciousness, in return, they could be generous to you. All full circle.

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