How My Internship Has Already Impacted My Career Path | #2

My internship has changed a lot about what I had previously thought about working in litigation. Before this internship, I simply thought it was the judge, the prosecutors, and the defense attorneys. However, I am learning that there are many different career paths that I can take with a law degree. There are three different positions that I learned about that have piqued my interest even more in the field of litigation. First, as I mentioned before, I am working with two different law clerks who are teaching me a lot about what their jobs entail. I have always enjoyed writing and believe it to be one of my academic strengths so, I was interested to learn that Margaret and James write a majority of the opinions issued by the judge. I think that being a law clerk would be a great starting place for me after law school and I hope to spend much more time learning about this career option this summer. Second, in my office we also have a case manager. At first, I didn’t realize that Sue had a law degree but in fact, she does. Sue does a lot of the behind the scenes work that gets a case from start to finish. She files all of the motions, facilitates communication between all three parties, and completes all of the official paperwork. Not only has this given me a greater appreciation for what she does but it also interested me to learn that being a case manager is another way of utilizing a law degree. Finally, as a double major in Political Science and Spanish I was super excited to learn that many of our interpreters were majors in Political Science or have law degrees. The job of an interpreter for a federal courthouse sounds like the perfect combination of two of my greatest passions in life, Spanish and the law. I hope I can meet many of our interpreters and ask them many questions about their backgrounds and what their jobs entail. Thus far, my internship has greatly influenced how I now think about working in litigation and I am positive that this experience will guide my career decisions later.

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