Pre Thoughts on My Internship Abroad

For my internship I will be working with the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation in Samos, Greece. I will be assisting in lab and micro-plastics research. During this internship I will be collecting water, sand, and animal samples from beaches around the island of Samos and analyzing them for any trace of plastics. 

I am eager to be a part of a newer controversial topic of plastic production, use and waste. What drew me to this specific internship is the topic and the location. I have always wanted to work with and learn more about the efforts being made towards plastic usage, but I feel that my work with the Archipelagos Institute will be of more use than just spreading awareness. Without the research and studies on micro-plastics, you have nothing to support the reduction of plastic production and use. I find that the location of this internship is just an added bonus and one that I couldn’t be more grateful of.

I don’t have a lot of lab experience, so my first goal is just that. I want to work hard and put in the effort to take part in as much of the lab work of this study as I possibly can. I know that this will require me to learn a lot of lab procedures and learning how to use all of the equipment properly and learning how to use them all safely and effectively. My second goal is to learn more about Greek culture and the cultures of fellow students and researchers at the institute. This experience I think will open more opportunities for me to participate in other research studies happening on campus and setting me up to conduct research of my own some day. I think the biggest challenge for my internship is again that I don’t have a lot of lab experience and then the language barrier that might occur between myself and the local community or fellow researchers.


I am a rising junior studying environment and minoring in entrepreneurship and urban planning. For the next 6 weeks I will be interning at the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. During this internship I will be aiding in microplastics research on and around the Greek island of Samos.

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