Ryan Smith Jefferies – Post #4

This week was hectic but entertaining at the same time. Now that I am on two different long-term deals, I have had to stay incredibly organized to ensure that I am meeting all the deadlines that have been assigned to me. There is no doubt that this has been difficult at times, but the transition has been going well so far. Furthermore, both of these deals have resulted in many late nights recently. Although many would be frustrated by this, I am grateful for this experience because it has allowed me to see what it truly feels like to be in Investment Banking. Long hours are an inevitable part of the industry, and I realized that this is what makes the job so rewarding. Even with these deals going on simultaneously, I was still able to find time to have fun with my intern class. This past Wednesday, all of the interns were invited to Rich Handler’s (CEO of Jefferies) penthouse. Located in Tribeca, it was absolutely incredible. Although we were only allowed in certain areas of the apartment, it was clear that the place was massive. Also, the view was stunning. He had multiple tables set outside on his balcony, so we were able to sit around and enjoy the catered food that was brought in while the sun set. It was so nice of Mr. Handler to allow us to visit his home, as I am sure most prominent CEO’s would not have done the same. There is no doubt that this was a nice break from work, and it allowed me to re-focus on the tasks at hand.


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One thought on “Ryan Smith Jefferies – Post #4

  • July 20, 2018 at 12:58 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    It’s good to hear how things are going!
    Balancing two long-term deals sounds tough (and great experience). What counts as long-term in your work? And what are some strategies you’re using to stay organized? It sounds like your work this summer is giving you the opportunity to really be part of the team and see the work from the inside.

    Your enthusiasm about the work, even managing late nights, sounds like it’s confirming your interest in investment banking. Is there ability to flex time, or take time for yourself if needed? I’m curious if the culture is so go-go-go that it could be challenging or outside the norm to pause.

    I’m glad the CEO makes time for the interns as well – sounds like his home offers an amazing view of the city! Was the event a meet & greet among the interns, or does Mr. Handler take part in sharing advice/engaging with the interns each season?

    As you head past the midway point and toward wrapping up for the summer (it’ll be here before we know it), what are your thoughts on your original goals and how they are going? You had hoped for gaining financial knowledge, building a strong reputation for a potential offer, etc.



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