Sunday Scaries

By the time I adjust to Sunday being the beginning of the work week in Israel, it’ll be time for me to pack up and go. It’s 10:34 AM and I am just getting settled in at my office for the day. Over this past weekend, I spontaneously hopped on a bus with my friends and ended up in Jerusalem. While Shabbat is a special day for all of Israel, spending Shabbat in Jerusalem is extremely holy and meaningful for a variety of reasons. One of my favorite aspects of Shabbat in Jerusalem is experiencing the Western Wall on a Friday evening. On any given day, the Wall has thousands of visitors who practice many religions other than Judaism and come to this spot that holds so much importance for so many people. Yet on Shabbat the Western Wall is consumed by Jewish people who come together to celebrate and rejoice in song and prayer. Throughout the summer I have visited the Wall a few times already, and each time I experience it differently. When I first went, I was under the impression that I was supposed to feel a certain connection and when that connection failed to occur, I figured that Judaism just wasn’t rooted that deeply in me. However, as my summer continues I now understand that the experience and connection is what you make of it and any emotion you put into visiting the Western Wall, you get back with a feeling of fulfillment.


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