Beginning with Midsummer Tea | Week 1


Midsummer Tea: Week One

My love for Scandinavia grew out of a dear friendship with a foreign exchange student. I visited my sweet friend Åshild last summer in her home country of Norway. It was my first adventure abroad and it awakened in me a love for travel and a curiosity about Scandinavian culture. I never would have fathomed that I would have the opportunity to return . . . or at least so soon.

When perusing the LSA Opportunity Hub’s website in the fall, I started searching through listings offered in Scandinavia. When I discovered the opening for a Marketing & Branding Intern position near Stockholm, Sweden, it sounded like an absolute dream. I was immediately drawn to the opportunity because it aligned well with both my educational and professional goals, it seemed that it would provide a lot of freedom for creative expression, and well . . . it was in Sweden.

I was so eager that I had readied all of my application materials and prepared for the interview process before the application was even live. Now, after nearly nine months of anticipation, I have begun my internship with Midsummer Tea!

Already, I have noticed that my goals for the internship have shifted slightly. Initially, one of my intentions for the summer was to learn more about web design and to work to create a new website for the company. However, once I arrived, my supervisor had already revised the website and had some new aspirations in mind for her summer interns.

I just completed my first week of work, and much of what I had hoped to learn and accomplish still seems feasible. This internship will afford me the opportunity to gain experience in email marketing, social media, graphic design, blogging, and more.

This week, I have also rediscovered my passion for producing content. As a child, I was extremely busy and would often produce upwards of a hundred drawings each day. I loved creating. And now, I’m finding once again just how much our 5 year-old selves predict the people that we will become.

As a creative and a planner, I love being able to see something at the end of the work day that wasn’t there when I started. Seeing something tangible, whether it’s a photo, a design, or written text, makes me feel accomplished, whole, and ready for more.

During the last week, I created a newsletter template via MailChimp, crafted the first couple of newsletters, wrote blogs, took photos, started running the Instagram account, designed graphics, and produced business cards. I now have a better understanding of my duties, a better grasp on the brand and hope that I can accomplish even more during the second week!

One thought on “Beginning with Midsummer Tea | Week 1

  • July 26, 2018 at 3:50 pm


    It’s funny how little moments can lead to huge developments down the line – it’s clear that your friendship with Åshild has led to an amazing opportunity and a new perspective on how you want to see the world, and all that happened because you connected with a person that opened a door to another part of the world – how cool!

    I’m so impressed by how you’re taking the shift in duties and goals in stride – this is a natural part of being part of a professional organization. People come and go, projects change, but the work never stops, and having the mindset and skillset to adapt to a myriad of situations will really serve you well moving forward. It’s great to hear that your goals to receive more opportunities and exposure in email marketing, social media, graphic design, etc are still feasible – what kinds of adjustments do you think you’ll have to make in order to gain these opportunities now that you have some framing of the kind of work you’ll be doing?

    I’m really excited to read more about your experience moving forward – particularly how you continue to rediscover your creative passions and gain skills to complement that area of interest. Good luck!



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