First CSA Distribution / #3

Here at The Farm, we organize a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA). That is basically a veggie subscription that you sign up and pay for in advance to support you farmer. Once a week you come and pick up your bag of pre packed and selected produce. We work with ten other local farms to create diverse bags each week. This week we gave out kohlrabi, squash, romaine lettuce, sweet corn, Garlic, swiss chard, potatoes, parsley, and cucumbers. Its rather affordable as well at only $22/ week for local, organic produce. We also received a grant to offer subsidized CSA bags for those who have a self identified food need and have children living in their home. It’s a remarkable program that helps ten different farmers gain profit, educate the community about vegetables, and provide food to families in need.

We recently had our first formal CSA distribution. We set up the veggies like a buffet and have members pack their own bag. We also encourage people to bring their own bags. We offer education about what the veggies are, how you use then, and how you store them. We also offer a sample that uses the ingredients from that weeks bag to offer some cooking inspiration and show people how tasty vegetables can actually be. This was the first time The Farm has distributed CSA bags like this so it was interesting to see what processes worked and which ones failed. We were only anticipating about 20 people to show up, but we had over 90! Everyone was very interested to learn and talk about the veggies, so we definitely need more educators during future pick ups. Im excited to see how successful the formal pick ups are through the summer and if they stay as popular as they did during the first week.

Two dietetic interns, my boss Lauren, and I distributing CSA bags

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