Halfway There: My Mentor

From the very beginning of my internship at Workday,  I knew that I was going to have an experience of a lifetime. That’s mainly because of my first interaction I had with my manager(story time!). I remember our first conversation on my first official day there after interns had training. I met up with my manager, Vincent Lopez, in the morning in the offices. I was nervous and I had no idea what to expect being that I’m in an environment I’ve never been in before. I remember saying to him how I was, “excited to be working with you Mr. Lopez.” He then began to laugh and told me not to call him by “Mr.” cause it made him feel his age and just to call him “Vince”. He asked me where I was from and how I was enjoying my time here. He then went on to introduce to other members of the team. It was an introduction I didn’t expect. I’m used to having managers who are less laid back and more focused on what needs to be done rather. That didn’t happen here. He wanted to get to know me and as a person first rather than as an intern. After that comment I breathed a deep sigh of relief. At that moment, I knew I was going to be fine.  From our first meeting up till now, I’ve gotten to know more about Vince as a manager and a person. I’ve learned how patient he is with everyone he interacts with and how understanding he can be. He constantly checks in with me just to see that I’m doing ok and if I need any help with projects I’m working on. Knowing I was from Michigan, He also has taught me a-lot about the culture at Workday and life in the Bay Area. He help suggest to me places I could go visit, eat, and explore while here in California. Most importantly, He has always been available when I needed him and has taught me many things during this summer that I won’t forget.  I’m just thankful that he was able to be my manager for this internship and I commend him for all that he has done for me as an intern.

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