My Internship Takeaways | #6

I can’t believe that I have already spent two months in my internship program!  Time truly does fly.  Working at the United Nations has had an incredible impact on my career path.  Having never had a true office work experience, the time I have spent with this organization has opened my eyes to a line of work within the field I hope to pursue from a completely different perspective than that offered by my past research experiences

However, not only has this internship experience been profound with the area of career development, but I have also learned many things about my personal work ethic as well. One of the major lessons that I have taken away from my internship is that it is okay not to know something, but if this is the case, to be upfront and honest about it.  Rather than pretending that I know exactly what my supervisor is talking about, I found that it is okay to be honest and say that I don’t but will do the necessary research and look into it so that I understand.

Coming from a school such as Michigan where I am surrounded by so many smart and talented individuals, I am accustomed to a relatively competitive atmosphere where everyone is supposed to know what they are doing at all times.  However, I have now learned that in the workforce, it is incredibly likely that one will come across a situation that they have not dealt with in the past and learn about it so as to proceed with a potential solution.  This is one important lesson that I know I will carry on with me moving forward.

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  • July 26, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Kathy,

    I love this “lesson learned” especially as you wrap up your internship experience. And you are absolutely right. You will never go in to an experiencing knowing all there is you need to know (not only in work life, but also in adult life, too!). It is so important to keep that perspective as you embark on your job search. Employers are not looking for candidates, especially recently graduated students, to have had loads of experience in a certain industry or space. What they are really looking for are smart individuals who are eager to learn and can work in a team and who can think critically. As you think about your past experiences, be sure to highlight these skill sets. Demonstrating a willingness to learn will make you a very desirable candidate because it will show the employer that you can be trusted to ask good questions, and then take that information and run with it.

    We seriously wish you all the best and remember to reach out to the Hub if there is anything we can do to assist you in your job search!


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