Progress on the Internship

The last several weeks have been very eventful to say the least! On top of all the excitement surrounding the World Cup in England, my boss and I have been working on writing a bid for the last week. It was very interesting to see this process unfold and to understand how to plan out a long term project — I found it to be exciting that some of my work ended up in the final bid as well! The bid involved the collection and organization of health data across the country, something that could be extremely useful in improving health. outcomes of the population. I may not be here to see if the bid was accepted, but it was a fantastic experience to learn about the process of constructing and submitting a bid.

In addition, last week, Doug gave me the opportunity to join him and some colleagues on the golf course. Although I have not played golf for several years, it was surprising how quickly it came back to me and we ended up playing a full 18 holes! (I don’t even think I’ve ever played 9) I was definitely a little sore the next day, but was happy to have the opportunity to spend the day out in the sun.

With only two more weeks left of the internship, I have been reflecting on everything I’ve learned over this summer. I will be putting together a final presentation that elaborates on all of my projects and experiences from this summer. The summer went by SO FAST and I’m so sad it is coming to a close!

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