Public Forum – Journal #2

Today I am making it a duty of my mine to sit through all the photographs taken this past week from the public forum held in Ann Arbor in order to pick the best ones to upload to a photo album for the event. I want to get these photos out in the public as soon as possible because I told supporters at the panel that these photos would be posted online, and seeing these photos come out quicker might put Anuja and her team in a positive light. We have also received a ton of good feedback from the forum, so that provides the social media team some more content to think about to post. Working on the social media team, you start to think about everything as potential content. Some issues are difficult to touch upon; however, because if we haven’t addressed them before or don’t know how to approach a certain topic then the end result can definitely backfire on you.

Social media is surprisingly very systematic. You would think that it would be quite easy just developing content for posts, but there is a little more that goes into it. I was told that at first, once posts were drafted it would get finalized between the social media team and then it would be sent to Anuja to make any tweaks that she would want before the post went live. Makes sense, but so much time would be wasted waiting for responses that some posts wouldn’t even get posted on that particular day. To cut back from that, posts were attempted to be drafted a few days prior in order to send them to our campaign manager with enough time to for them to be looked over. That doesn’t mean that new content or news isn’t posted because the team still tries to stay on top of current topics. Anuja can make edits to existing posts if she feels like some things need to be changed, but it’s never anything major.

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