The Mansion on O Street

I’m interning at The Mansion on O Street which is a hotel, museum, and event space located in Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. I’m a member of the Public Service Internship Program through the university, which is why I chose to intern in D.C. this summer. As an Anthropology and Museum Studies student I wanted to intern in a museum to really get a feel for the field. Throughout the school year as I was searching for museums in D.C. to apply to I decided I wanted to find some smaller museums in the area as opposed to large ones such as the Smithsonian museums. That is how I stumbled upon The Mansion on O.

As I explored the website I still wasn’t completely sure what they were all about, but I applied anyway and set up an informational phone call to learn more. Once I was accepted I had a phone call with the intern coordinator to go more in depth about what The Mansion really is and what my role would be as an intern. By the end of this phone call I was even more excited to move to D.C. and begin my work with them. I learned that there was a library intern position where I could research, organize, and price the large collection of donated books they have, as well as being able to help with events and other various hotel tasks. I was blown away that there were so many different opportunities in one establishment, it almost didn’t seem possible. I was also very curious what The Mansion looked like, so I went to YouTube to see what I could find. I found many videos talking about it and taking you on tours through it and this only increased my excitement even more.

Fast forward to my first day; I didn’t really know what to expect and was nervous but excited to dive into this new adventure. After meeting a few other interns, one of them took me on a tour of The Mansion and I was blown away. So many themed hotel rooms, so many objects, and over 70 secret doors throughout it! I thought I would never be able to navigate my way through it without getting lost, and now here I am taking other interns on their first tours of The Mansion and helping guests find their way around.

There’s always something new to see and do each day so it’s very hard to become bored. The Mansion itself sometimes changes day to day because we rearrange the spaces depending on what events we are having or to just change it up and have a new vibe.

One thought on “The Mansion on O Street

  • July 23, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    Hi Olivia,

    Thanks for sharing this great post! I want to first say DC is one of my favorite places. It’s such much arts and culture there which I love! Also, kudos to you for being specific in your internship search and wanting to experience a smaller museum.

    I’m happy that you set up an informational interview before applying. That’s awesome! You will gain a lot of experience from this internship because you’ll be able to see how everything works together. Already, you’ve said there are a number of opportunities at The Mansion on O Street. I encourage you to avail each opportunity and to maximize this experience.

    I heard you say you were nervous on your first day so I’m hoping you overcame your nerves and are doing an amazing job! I’m happy to hear you were excited to dive in on day one. You’re already giving tours and helping guests find their away around. That is so cool!

    Is there any specific you’re hoping to do at The Mansion on O Street before the end of your internship? Are there any project-based tasks you’ve been to do? Or is that upcoming? Soak up as much knowledge as you can. It seems like you’re having a great time and we are so proud of you at the Hub! I certainly have to visit The Mansion on O Street during my next visit to DC.


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