What a Night! #2

Hey everyone!

I have been traveling everywhere in the 7th District of Michigan. From fairs to special dinners, it has been exciting. The first event I went to representing Tim Walberg and his campaign was the Jackson County Lincoln Day dinner.

My internship is far better then I expected. I have learned so much in these past few weeks. If I dare say it, I believe I am learning more information then I would learn in the classroom.

What surprised me about this internship is actually how much I actually use my communication skills. I have called so many people, walked at least 10 miles in parades, and sat at a booth in the Eaton County fair just to talk to people and educate our community.

I have met some interesting locals. More times then not I have not ventured to someone’s house (while door knocking) just to avoid someone in particular. I actually walked up to this house in Jackson County, knocked on the door, and witnessed something that would put most people on edge. While I walked up to the door I had seen a mannequin in the garage. I thought it was a person hiding from me because there was clothes in him just like a normal human being. Inside the house is what made me concerned, I saw a lot of dolls and toys in her house. It’s safe to say that house I will not be going to again.

I actually have yet to mess up in my internship. I wish to keep it that way for now.

Have an amazing day!


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