Albanian Internship

A month in Albania has been very constructive for my soul to say the least.  Although I am working every week I feel less rushed and more focused on myself.  I find myself taking less things for granted and grabbing a book after work. I do not know if this is due to the limited WIFI, or if I am motivated to become the best person I can be.  Being away from home has not been a big challenge to me, as Michigan made me become self sufficient as a student. Therefor, I took a lot of the skills I learned living on my own to living on my own in another country.  I see these skills coming full circle again when I graduate college and living on my own full time. The one thing I love about my internship is the flexibility I have and the flexibility my boss gives us interns to see all of Albania and Europe.  For instance, I was able to go to Dubrovnik, Croatia for three days and see the famous Kings Landing–home of the Lannisters (Game of Thrones). During my stay I was able to see the 2018 World Cup finals with Croatian natives as they cheered on their underdog national soccer team.  Seeing how patriotic and cultured everyone was unreal. I adore the concentration of cultures Europe poses. Unlike America, you travel 2 hours away and you are in a totally different country surrounded with contrasting attributes: food, language, currency, and values. All in all, I am having a great time working towards bettering myself as I become exposed to the world around me and unveiling what the world has to offer.

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