Brilliant Detroit and What Drew Me In #1

At the end of June, around the 24th, I started my internship with Brilliant Detroit, a non-profit organization. Brilliant Detroit strives to build kid success neighborhoods that support families. As a volunteer operations management intern, I assist Brilliant Detroit in projects geared toward reaching community members. I work to improve Brilliant Detroit’s volunteer work system, which is a vital component of Brilliant Detroit.

I also have the pleasure of doing work outside of the prescribed internship job. Part of that is working with the Health and Wellness kid’s camp that works on providing well-rounded knowledge on healthy lifestyles and living environmentally friendly for kids ages 0-8. Half of the week I am in the office working on the technical volunteer management projects. The other half of the week I’m at the camp leading workshops on body wellness. It’s extremely invigorating to be able to split up my week that way.

I was drawn to this position for several reasons. The first being that I want to diverge from the purely writing and reading, which I do a lot of as an English major and as a copy editor at The Michigan Daily. I wanted to be able to interact with families in communities in a way that isn’t always as feasible on a college campus. I also appreciated that the goal was to uplift everyone in a holistic way. Bring neighbors together to create a strong sense of co-dependence and unity for everyone was beyond brilliant.  I would love to implement what I learn in here in future places I live in, including at the University of Michigan.

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