Light Shows and Leaders- #3

Due to some laptop issues I took a brief hiatus from posting but I’m back and better than ever!
It’s absolutely nuts to think that I have less than two weeks left in Bangalore. I feel like I’m just starting to get the hang of everything and solidifying the friendships made here. I’m trying to make the most of my last ten days here and to seize every last opportunity possible!
The last two weekends have been the best yet. Two weekends ago Heena and I decided to visit Mysore, a city about three hours away from Bangalore known for its beautiful palace and gardens. Originally we were going to try to figure out the train system but we ended up booking a driver for the weekend-our best decision yet! The driver was very knowledgeable of the area and took us to all of these temples and sites we would have never known about. My favorite stop of that trip was definitely the Mysore Palace.
The palace closes at 6pm every day and stops letting people in at 5:30. Despite our driver insisting we leave no later than 5:15, Heena and I took our dear sweet time getting back to him and ended up arriving exactly at 5:30. Luckily, we were the last two people to be let in for the day! Unluckily, this meant we had to hurry through the palace. We sped walked by the most amazing tiling, ornate thrones, and bright blue hallways (stopping for hundreds of pictures, of course). By the end we were huffing and puffing, but we were buzzing from the beauty stored in the palace.
Every night the palace has a light show, but because of the *slight* drizzle, it got cancelled for the night. Instead, we walked around to the main gate to the palace to see the sunset over it (natures own light show!) and WOW it made the palace all the more beautiful.
Last week I started observing surgeries at the hospital. Although I may not understand what is happening 100% of the time, I do understand how lucky I am to be able to observe all these different surgeries. I’m constantly impressed by the amazing work and effort the entire surgery team puts towards each case. Now that I know the doctors and team members a bit better, I’ve been more forward about asking questions regarding various cases. I wish I had been more outgoing from the get-go, because I feel like I’m just starting to really learn a lot about what is happening around me.
During my time at the hospital, I’ve witnessed varying types of leadership styles. Some Doctors are more verbal, while others are more demonstrative. Yet, all of them are outstanding leaders. They all approach leadership with the same fundamental respect for their colleagues, which I feel is the key to being a great leader. This internship has made me realize that good leadership doesn’t have one clear-cut outline, but is molded towards the individual’s strengths.
This past weekend quickly became one of the highlights of my trip. I had the opportunity to travel to Delhi, Agra (aka the Taj Mahal), and Jaipur (the Pink City) with Heena and her two amazing cousins. The four days were a complete whirlwind and were jam-packed with sight seeing! As cliché as it sounds, the Taj Mahal was my favorite sight. I realized that no picture really does the monument justice and that its a wonder of the world for a reason!
During our travels there were so many moments where I would just be overcome with gratitude from the opportunity to be in India. The journey to India was wild, random, and weird but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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