Procurement Update | #3

While this task could be considered immensely difficult to some, I had some experience with obtaining cheap computers as one who used to sell built and upgraded PCs in secondary school for discretionary income. My first step was to map out how exactly that $400 budget would be allocated—I found some 22” Dell monitors for $75 online and the keyboard, mouse, and video cables for $25. This left me with $300 per site on the actual desktop, which, as specified by the owner, had to be a Mac.

My first instinct was to look on eBay, which is what I’ve become accustomed to doing in these instances, but as I search for a Mac mini that could meet those specifications, it became apparent that this route was not going to be possible. This computer would likely require a SSD of some sort, a relatively modern processor, and 8 GB of RAM if it was going to handle all corporate tasks, light image editing, and macOS High Sierra smoothly. That was when I went else where and found an unexpected local source. 

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