The Last Week

Sorry for not posting this blog earlier. In this blog I will share my experiences I had in the final week of my internship. In the last week most of the time I spent analyzing the data my lab had collected in the summer. I mainly did PCR and enter the data in on an Excel sheet. Although this part of research does not sound as exciting as the working with the animals and doing the wet labs, it becomes one of the most important parts of the study. This is the part where the significant differences are first seen. I enter most of the data and did most of the PCR that had to be done in the lab. However I was not able to get to compare the data to find any significance.

Some mice started to get sick on my last days in the lab and I had to take care of them, because I was the only one in the lab at the moment. Although I knew the procedures very well at this point I was not able to finish analyzing the data I had started. I felt relieved from getting a break from putting data into the computer, but I wished I could have been able to find a difference to share with my lab.

Another disappointing moment was when I found out that my mentor was not going to be able to return before I left for the summer due to some troubles back home. I really wished I could have been able to see him before I left for the summer to show him how much I had learned in the last several weeks. I will see him in the fall. The good news is the he and some of my other lab partners picked up on the experiment where I left off and I am waiting to here any news from them regarding the experiment and the lab itself.

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  • July 20, 2018 at 11:55 am

    I’m glad to hear that you had a productive summer conducting research! It sounds like you were able to develop some additional competencies in your lab work as well as gain confidence in yourself in terms of using those newfound skills. One thing that I’d encourage is that if you are still working and are not going to be doing the same thing in the fall, find a way to document what you’ve learned and how you’ve done things now so that the next person can easily pick up where you left off.


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