Week 6 – Random Mid-Internship Thoughts #1

Today marks the 6th week of this internship that I’m taking part of this summer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (a.k.a. HCSC). This internship definitely differed from my beginning expectations; even the company itself was far from what I had in mind. Since I did not come on-site for the final interview it really was a surprise when we were brought in on the first day. As a healthcare company that has been in the industry for such a long time you would imagine it being relatively slow to change or owns a company building that has not been renovated since the 90’s. Nevertheless due to the recent change in leadership, HCSC has really “upped its game.” For example, the Health-tech sector of the company resides in floors that were just renovated a year ago; the floors include ping pong tables, free coffee, Wii’s, TVs… etc, which is exactly what you don’t expect in a non-tech company. The building itself also owns multiple facilities that include a really nice gym, two cafeterias that sell filling but cheap food, and a Starbucks downstairs. Infrastructure wise I am very happy with the setup here at HCSC.

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